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Why Choose Us

Who We Are:  We're a family of Seattleites who love bikes — designing them, building them, and of course, riding them.  We're also consumers who are tired of spending a ton of money on a bike with cheap components. Enter the Dragon.

Dragon Bicycles delivers high quality road bikes directly to your front door, fully tuned and ready to ride, no assembly required.

There is an option to the big name overpriced bikes out there, and that option is Dragon Bicycles. We love our customers and make ourselves readily available to answer any questions you may have about our bikes and biking in general.  It's no compromise to buy a Dragon. It's just informed purchasing.

What Sets Us Apart:  There are a number of ways that Dragon Bicycles stands out as one of the top bike brands to break onto the scene in recent years. It all comes from our goal to create dream bikes without the bloated luxury price tag and ensure that our customers can enjoy every bit of the value we put into creating them. 

Simple 3-Step Process: Getting the best endurance road bike is easier than ever with Dragon Bicycles. Our simplified purchasing process can be summed up in three steps:

  1. Choose your bike
  2. Use the "Easy Fit" tool
  3. Get moving!

Great Materials — Great Prices:  You may have noticed that our bikes are at a significantly lower price point than other top bike brands. That's because, at Dragon Bicycles, we pour all of our resources into the same high-quality materials and reliable parts as the competition and cut out the filler — no invisible marketing efforts, no middlemen, no celebrity sponsorships. All of our design, manufacturing and distributing efforts take place under one roof so we can deliver an incredible bike at an incredible value. In other words, we give you everything you want and nothing you don't need.

Giving Every Biker the Right Fit:  At Dragon Bicycles, we want you to get your bike out on the road as soon as possible after it arrives. Our redesigned shipping box allows us to ship your bike to you fully tuned and assembled — you just need to attach the front wheel and the seat. Remember to keep the box handy for at least 30 days during your test ride period. If your Dragon isn't fully up to your standards, just repackage it and send it back our way.

Ready to Ride Shipping Box:  No matter how amazing a bike may seem, it's only going to be your dream bike if it feels great to ride. That's why Dragon Bicycles developed our "Easy Fit" algorithm. By taking your body measurements and preferred riding style into account, we can determine your ideal bike size and frame geometry to deliver the best endurance road bike for you. You just need to give us a few basic body stats (height, inseam, body type and arm length) and tell us how you plan to ride your bike (aerodynamic or relaxed). And voila! You receive a bike fitted for you and the way you ride.

Happy to Help:  When you choose Dragon Bicycles, you're not only getting a great bike, but great benefits, too. Our team is always happy to assist with any questions or concerns you may have. We also offer free shipping and easy returns, a 6-year bike guarantee and a 30-day test ride so you can rest easy for years and miles of riding to come.

CHOOSE YOUR DRAGON TODAY:  We're confident that we have the best endurance road bike waiting for you here at Dragon Bicycles. Check out our bikes and head over to the Easy Fit Tool to get started.