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  • Road Bicycles Built for Adventure, Fit for You

Road Bicycles Built for Adventure, Fit for You

Powerful. Exceptional. Affordable. Our flagship road bike, the Bahamut, might as well be something out of a dream. But this carefully crafted bicycle is as real as it gets.

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Discover the Dragon Difference

The Bahamut road bike is in a league of its own. With internally routed cables, a matte black frame and understated but bold finishing graphics, it’s the perfect balance of beauty and simplicity. But, as with all extraordinary things, there’s so much more than meets the eye.

Equipped with SRAM APEX 1 Component Group

The Bahamut road bike’s dual pivot caliper brakes give you plenty of stopping power on both dry and wet roads. Unlike the old single-pivot systems, dual-pivot brakes pull each brake arm independently to give you more stability and control.

Made from Premium Toray Carbon Fiber

As the leader in carbon fiber manufacturing, Toray makes the high-end carbon fiber that many of the most expensive bikes on the market utilize. But, because we design and manufacture our carbon fiber bikes in-house, you get all the luxury without the high cost.

Fit for You, Delivered to Your Door & Ready to Ride

All of our road bicycles are tailored specifically to fit their riders. So, when you buy from us, your bike is sure to stay lively and comfortable every time you ride. With our Easy-Fit Tool, you provide your measurements and riding style. Our experts will then craft the perfect road bike to deliver to you. After passing our premium quality check, we ship our road bikes free of charge from our Seattle headquarters straight to your door. From the moment you open the box, your road bike is ready to hit the ground and set off on new adventures.

Switch Gears with an Affordable Road Bike from Dragon Bicycles

Isn't it time for a top-quality road bike that isn't massively overpriced? We certainly think so. And that's the inspiration behind the Bahamut. At Dragon Bicycles, it's our mission to offer affordable road bikes with exceptional features and effortless style. When you choose us, you can count on simplicity, quality and service at every level. We're so passionate about our road bicycles, we even give you a 30-day test ride and 6-year bike guarantee. To speak with a Dragon specialist and get started on your personal bike consultation, contact us today!