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  • Bahamut v.2 Easy Setup Instructions

Bahamut v.2 Easy Setup Instructions

by Dragon Bicycles

Your Dragon Bahamut v.2  is delivered to your front door fully tuned and ready to ride!  To get riding simply take your Dragon out of its special shipping box, insert your seat and put on your front wheel, super easy!

Get riding in just a few minutes!

Your Dragon is delivered to your front door in our patented shipping box.  Why go through the effort to design a weird looking clunky box?  We want to get our riders out and riding as quickly as possible.  There are enough hurdles in life to get what you want, why waste your time putting on rear wheels and attaching handlebars?  We shook things up and decided to go our own way from the rest of the bike industry.  We ship our bikes with the rear wheels installed, handlebars already attached, and the bike fully tuned.  Not only are we the only bike brand to offer 99% assembled and fully tuned bikes delivered to your door, but we do it at an unbeatable price for a premium carbon fiber bike.  

Dragon Bahamut Instructions

Checkout our super straightforward instruction manual by clicking here.  Setup is quick and easy, but if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call or email.    

Your First Ride

Bicycles are a ton of fun and require very little maintenance to keep them running smoothly.  Here's a quick checklist we like to run through before we leave for every ride:

  1. Check The Brakes: Grab both brake levers, give them a few squeezes and make sure the brakes are engaging properly.  When you squeeze the brake levers make sure to look at the brake pads, when they are engaged they should only touch the wheel, not any of the rubber on your bike's tires.  If the brake pads are touching any part of your tire, simply twist the brake pad left or right to align the pad with the wheel.  Brake pads are meant to be adjusted while on a ride, that is why they can be turned, this doesn't mean the brake pads are loose.  
  2. Check The Handlebars: Grab the handlebars and lift the front wheel off the ground, then turn the wheel left and right.  The handlebars should feel secure and not loose.  If the handlebars feel loose, see your local bike shop. 
  3. Check The Tire Pressure: Optimal tire pressure is 90-110 psi (pounds per square inch).  Keeping your pressure optimal means that while you're riding you will get better traction, better braking, and a more comfortable and effortless ride.  
  4. Have Fun!: Biking is fun freeing and exhilarating.  Simply take a few minutes before each ride to go over this checklist so that you can spend your ride enjoying the view, not worrying about your bike

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